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Welcome to Bag2Bag story block! This is our creative space where we will take you on an exciting journey of travel, adventure, and fun activities through its captivating comics. Our comics are packed with humor, engaging storylines, and stunning visuals that will transport you to far-off lands, bustling cities, and serene landscapes, leaving you yearning for more. However, it's not just about the destinations or activities as these comics also showcase the camaraderie, friendships, and bonds that are formed on the road. The characters are relatable, each with their own quirks, aspirations, and challenges. So come aboard and join the ride, as we explore the world one comic at a time.

Straight from the pages of our imagination comes a new hero, a new friend! She is ready to make her mark. She will make you laugh, cry and maybe even sing! You will get to know about her past, interests in the upcoming series. Her past is something you should never miss on! Stay tuned!